The Apathetical man

Gregory martin Mcleod
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Today we as mankind need hope, without any doubts. We need hope in something greater than that of our governments, teachers, doctors, and so on. Even though these are good for us, we still are sometimes without the understanding of true reality. Today, we can have a greater hope in something greater than you can imagine. Just look to the heavens my friend. Just think, everything that your eyes can see, your eyes can hear and your fingers can touch will be gone, like a vapor one day. It isn’t a matter of “IF” it is a matter of just “WHEN.” Then what?

If this life here on this great earth was all that I had hope in, I would be the most miserable person that man would know. This hope that I have today is big. This hope is spiritual and I am today grateful to share this greater hope with you. This hope gives me a new life day by day. I can now live a normal life and have great hope in tomorrow. May the Creator of all breath keep you, Gregory M. McLeod


Gregory Martin McLeod abused drugs and alcohol and got into trouble at an early age. At 14, he was a full-blown alcoholic and drug user, and at 16, he was sent off to a psychiatric hospital. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and sought professional help. While working as an electrician for a manufacturing company, he stopped taking medications but ended up back at the rehab center. He would switch between relapse and remission for some time until a genuine doctor helped him become genuine about his recovery. He realized he needed some sort of spiritual healing and so, he returned to his first love—Jesus Christ.

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